About Us

Our History

After emigrating from Italy in 1996, Emesto Lo Russo started several successful businesses in Utah. None of them however, fulfilled his desire to share his culture and traditional Neapolitan style cooking. Then. in June of 2009, Emesto dedicated a handful of cherished family recipes and his bold Italian attitude into the opening of a little restaurant in Orem.

Whether it’s through pizza, pasta, or dessert, Terra Mia proudly shares its love for Italian food and bringing people together in the best wey we know how: by serving delicious and fully authentic Neapolitan dishes.

Our Mission

Here at Terra Mia, our mission is simple. We want to make people happy through food.

As Italians, we know our flavors are not for everyone. However, we are also confident that we will have a dish you love. That’s why Terra Mia offers a 100% guarantee- if you try something new and aren’t enjoying it, you can exchange it for another dish, no questions asked.

So be adventurous. Go beyond the typical Chicken Alfredo. We want you to try something different, with no risk to you.

Our Food

Using only fresh and flavorful ingredients, Terra Mia serves authentic Naples-style pizzas and delightful Italian dishes made from scratch. Everything from our soft, pillowy gnocchi to our sweet and creamy gelato is made in store because we believe there is no substitute for real food.

Our Locations


1050 S 750 E, Orem, Utah 84097


Across from the Cinemark at University Mall


12361 Minuteman Dr, Draper


Better Ingredients

At Terra Mia, we are passionate about sharing genuinely delicious Neapolitan style food. For us, if someone from Italy were to come and eat at Terra Mia, we would want them to enjoy the same authentic flavors as they would in Naples.

  • To do this, we use fresh herbs and all natural ingredients sourced from local vendors;
  • Whenever possible, we make everything from scratch, even our mozzarella cheese;
  • Unique and essential ingredients, such as our Capri pizza flour and San Marzano tomatoes, are imported from Italy.

Better Cooking Methods

  • All of our dishes are prepared using traditional home cooking techniques;
  • We also imported a traditional Italian wood fired oven and a professional pizza chef from Italy so our Neapolitan style pizzas are alweys baked to perfection.